About Us

We are Maho Irigoyen and David von Blohn, together we travel the world telling visual stories about inspiring people and initiatives that promote change. We are filmmakers because we believe in the power of images to connect and transform the world. Curiosity is our compass and home is where we carry a camera with us. 

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Maho Irigoyen - About us
Maho Irigoyen

Visual storytelling is about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, about stepping back and discovering something new, it’s a tool to understand the world in a new light.

Born in Buenos Aires, I lived for two years in Mexico where my passion for documenting life truly flourished. After studying Documentary Film in Santiago de Chile, I’m now discovering our world as a nomad, eager to tell unique stories through my lens.

I’ve collaborated extensively with non-governmental organizations that strive to make a difference. 

David von Blohn - About us
David von Blohn

Born in Germany - During an exchange in Chile, I witnessed how thousands of students took out to the streets to demand a more just society. I joined them with my camera and have not put it down since. 

I have worked as a videographer with MSNBC, AJ+, Discovery Digital Networks, Public Radio International and others. My photographs have been published in TIME, The Guardian, El País, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Internazionale.

My studies in philosophy and political science shaped my interest in cultures and social justice. I speak German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. 


August - December 2017: Mexico
December 2017 - February 2018: Guatemala
February - May 2018: Argentina
May - October 2018: Germany