Alioto Lokos

This trilogy explores the small but very much alive hip hop scene in Guatemala. Formed over 15 years ago, Alioto Lokos is one of the oldest and most respected hip-hop groups in Guatemala. Kamé and Plenno, two brothers who grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by gang violence, have always used art to help people raise their voice. Through workshops, they teach rap to Guatemalan youth in neighborhoods that are often controlled by poverty and gangs.

Story Details

  • Client: Pear Video
  • Produced by On the Road Media
  • Location: Guatemala
  • Date: May 2017

Rebeca Lane

A young Sociology graduate found an alternative to academia through a rap career that challenges traditional roles for women in this conservative Central American Country. Rebeca Lane covers topics that are normally considered taboo – such as the high incidence of violence against women in Guatemala.

Balam Ajpu

In Guatemala, 40% of the population identify as part of the indigenous Mayan people. Now the Hip Hop artists of Balam Ajpu are trying to lead a Renaissance of the indigenous Mayan language and culture through their music.

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